Rihanna wie, jak rozpoznać fałszywych ludzi

Młoda gwiazda wyrobiła w sobie mechanizm obronny przeciwko fałszywym przyjaciołom. Jak to robi?


, "Whenever I carry my dog around, people say 'Paris Hilton'. "That's horrible because I absolutely love my dog and I'm nothing like that girl. Like, nobody can have a dog? I think any white girl with blonde hair who carries around a dog is compared to Paris Hilton. "I'm not concerned with

Paris i Benji

." Hilton confirmed that she is looking forward to treating her boyfriend once he completes work on the tour. "I'll cook him a nice dinner and stay inside and watch TV," she told People.com. "I make the best lasagne. His tour will finally be over so it will be nice just to be alone

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